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Customer Testimonials


“Rhonda and her staff are always available and so helpful….I always feel I am getting the best possible service, I feel they do their research thoroughly….and they are so pleasant to work with…. So glad I switched !!!”

Deb Davis, Oklahoma

“Rhonda is very professional and has extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. Her background in claims allows her to provide her clients with practical advice and understanding of their insurance options.”

Sydney Briley, Oklahoma

“I looked for a female agent/broker intentionally, since I was tired of dealing with agents/brokers that didn’t pay attention to detail. When I found out your background was teaching, I knew I would not be disappointed and I never have been. I can count on you to make any changes or get me answers on any problem/question I field your way, without having to give you a reminder call. And you fully research an issue before getting back with me. I will never shop around for another insurance agent.”

Ruth Hartje, Oklahoma

“As a customer of Botts’ Hometown Agency, I know I can rely on honest, quality service. Rhonda works diligently to find the best insurance coverage at the most competitive price for each of her clients. She is trustworthy and reliable.”

C Jones, Oklahoma

“You directed me to a company for home and auto insurance that was more “reasonable” than the company I had been with
for 36 years. You always give a competent and professional presentation and answer questions in a confident and direct manner.”

Les Harris, Oklahoma

“We recently transferred our insurance needs to Rhonda Botts at Hometown Insurance. We were very impressed with her professionalism, attention to detail, and prompt communication. Fortunately, we’ve yet to have a need to file a claim, but I’m confident should that need arise, the same professionalism will prevail.”

Jeff Brown, Oklahoma

“My husband and I have done business with Rhonda Botts Insurance Agency for about 6 years. Rhonda has always been very very customer centric. She is always trying to find out what worked best for our insurance needs. We were impressed with her knowledge of her products and how she is always doing continuous education to keep up with laws, etc. We recently moved out of state and going to miss doing business with her. She is a tough act to follow. I would highly recommend her agency to anyone.”

Linda Larson, Oklahoma

“I can say that I have not experienced such personal and diligent service from an insurance agent as that provided by Rhonda Botts. You will be pleased!”

Stephen Goforth, Oklahoma

“Rhonda and staff always go out of their way to give me superior personal, competent and cost effective service. It never makes any difference what the challenge is, they always make me feel they are happy to help and provide me the answer as quickly as possible.”

Joyce Coday, Oklahoma

“Rhonda and her staff have always been responsive and extremely helpful.”

Tony Hoch, Oklahoma

“Rhonda Botts at Hometown Insurance has been our agent for Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability for 10 years. Rhonda meets with us annually to review our policy and confirm that we have full coverage with the best rate. We have over 60 employees and are rest assured that we have reliable coverage should the need arise.”

Charlene Rehorn, Oklahoma